Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Tammy is probably best known for being on Donald Trump's hit TV show "The Apprentice". She explained to me that she went on the show in order to give herself exposure knowing it would later help boost her company. At the end of season 5 of "The Apprentice", the winner of the show announced on live tv to over 11 million viewers that he was in love with Ms. Trenta. Since that headline-making moment, Tammy has used the press she recieved to help launch her luxury business bag line Theresa Kathryn. She named the company after her grandmother and based the business out of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I don't think there was a lasting romance between the two contestants...

When I interviewed Ms. Trenta, I was struck by her fierce business savvy and by ability to take any situation and make it a positive and use it to her advantage. Tammy is also a wealth manager for the rich and famous of Beverly Hills. She is the perfect combination of sass, smarts and beauty to make her one driven, and successful, entrepreneur!


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